Thunder-Paw Cloud-Hunter Picture

Well, I recently set up an account at Fur Affinity, since I've been drawing so many more animals than people lately. Anyway, I've been thinking that my gallery is getting too cluttered and to full of sketchy things, so I'll be posting my not-so-nice animal drawings there, so that I can save room for nicer things (including my nicer critter drawings) in my gallery here

well, this creature is kind of an anomaly, and really doesn't have a serious place in Yrd yet, but I was itching to draw a polydactyl cat creature, because of my little Nimbus-baby ^^and since nimbus means storm cloud, I decided to make this creature responsible for thunder storms.

anyway, this creature hunts white-puffy clouds, and as they run away, this cat's dark storm clouds roll in. Thunder is its roar, and lighting comes from its glowing eyes and rain comes from it shaking off water (because cats hate water) because apparently some people in Yrd think that the sky is really a big ocean encircling the world. I never said the people in Yrd were bright, but I've heard of similar things in other mythologies, so I assumed it would have been appropriate (though this sky-ocean doesn't really exist) So, I assume this beast is really gonna be more of a mythological figure in Yrd, rather than a real creature

but eeeee! it has thunderpaws!
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