El-ahrairah Picture

Ok, I know it's been awhile since I did a Watership Down Picture, but I finally finished this one and here it is! The Prince of Rabbits, El-ahrairah, or "Prince With A Thousand Enemies" .

El-ahrairah is the main figure in the rabbits' omnipresent storytelling and mythology. Rabbits count on their tricks to escape enemies, and Prince Rabbit is the epitome of "rabbitness" in this and every other respect.

Because he is Prince, I chose a deep gold for his coat, though not the sickly tarnished gold of Cowslip's warren. I also gave him a light yellowish-gold patch of fur on top of his head, indicative of a crown. The tips of his ears are shining with starlight, given him by Lord Frith after El-ahrairah lost his ears, whiskers and tail to the Black Rabbit of Inle in order to save his people. Our Prince Rabbit is still a trickster, though, which explains his facial expression XD

I also decided to put in a primitive/decorative-art version in the left corner under his name. This is kind of how I imagined the pushed-stone design in Cowslip's Warren, though I'm sure it wouldn't have been this elaborate. The rabbit who made it may or may not have also used scratches and paw-prints in addition to stones (notice the tail is a paw-print) . I just went a little nuts and decided to put it up anyway. I guess you could say this is his "logo" XD
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