Always a Puppet - Bonus Boss Picture

Puppet Slave - Description
A concept for a boss residing in the Bonus Dungeon, Spire Laboratory specifically in one of the floors. <da:thumb id="468519584">
An attempt by Ravine to clone/recreate the Keyblade Messiah, Sora that ended up in absolute failure and as a mythology gag the clone resembled both Roxas and Xion, half and half and all disfigured.
Both halves are sewn together in a puppet-like fashion while being manipulated by an unknown figure (a large Impure that was responsible for corrupting this particular clone).
Despite being a failed clone, the boss has the capability to wield a Keyblade like the original Roxas/Xion/Sora (Puppet Crown).

The boss is a representation of the disastrous confusion of identity between Roxas and Xion throughout Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as well as Xion's puppet motif.
In addition, this serves as Roxas's hidden resentment of being under Sora's shadow.
All they can ask is to be terminated and be put out of their misery.

This is purely fanmade and serve as a mythology gag to the canonverse-KH (This is an alternate universe) and my attempt in delving into horror.
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