Julie Frej - Design Picture

in response to *sfemonster's journal: [link]

Julie Frej, modern day urban Valkyrie (a female being from Norse mythology. They decide who will die in battle then bring their chosen into the afterlife)

basic, basic, boring colors and outfit are boring (and not very creative either, she's wearing a variation of what I wore today). So, feel free to change the colors and outfit Sfe, I do love your colorful characters.

I didn't give her much of a back story, no specific age range, I figured she would fit the quota of one of the hockey teams, or perhaps a referee/spectator (basically following what Norse mythology has to say about Valkyrie).

OR if you decide you would rather have a human character, chop of the wings and there you go.

P.S. I apologize for my chicken scratch

Art (c) =Mithia
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