Whiteblooded Picture

In Troll mythology there exists a godlike figure known as Shwetagaurii - a troll word translating roughly to the Whiteblood, and so named because of her white blood, the combination of every blood color to course through a troll's veins.

Note that Shwetagaurii is not a troll god - she is instead their messenger of death: at every battle, she watches over her people and escorts those that fall to what lay beyond. With a species so naturally drawn to violence, it is very easy to get the two concepts confused.

What is unusual about Shwetagaurii is, though there were many prehistoric troll cultures, each with their unique beliefs and mythology, she is present in each and every one of them. This is very simply answered: she exists, and many trolls over the course of history have had the gift of seeing her.

Much more rare is the ability to converse with her. Speak with the dead, if you will.
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