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Devian and its evolved forms Steel/Ghost
Need names for its evolved forms.

Kinch, Paratiel, and Tucaw Flying/Electric
xD I made them electric due to Pikachu cheek things. Tucaw glows in the dark like a shiny neon light from a bar... I had a Parrot Neon lamp once. It was holding a little martini glass... i miss that lamp. Now im overly fond of Tucaw. D:

Scarab Jackle thing... Dark/Bug
Needs a name...

Fluzel Water...
Baby Buizel. I hate Buizel...

Tranook Normal/Grass
He reminds me of Bidoof.

[link] <-- Shiny forms.


Devian > Aberrjia (aberrant + brujeria) > Pardoxys (akin to paradox)
"Aberrjia remains a difficult entity to classify. Phasing in and out of matter like a Ghost type, yet able to become almost imperviously solid, it continues to be a hot subject for Pokemon researchers."
"Pardoxys sometimes half-phases itself into machines, enabling it to animate them to frightening effect. "Haunted" factories are often home to a Pardoxys."

-Scarab + jackal = Coleonis ("Coleopterans" are beetles; Anubis)
"Coleonis is said to have originated in desert biomes. Its reflective wing casings keep its back cool in the desert sun, and its visor-like head armor shields keeps out wind-blown sand."

"During spring, male Kinches' chest plumage turns a beautiful red color. It is said that the closer its feathers match its beak, the more attractive it will be to potential mates."
"When building a nest, Kinches are said to use static discharges to fuse sticks and mud into a kind of ceramic. Earthquakes in their native forests are often extremely dangerous, as a result."
"Adventurers in the rainforest are sometimes surprised to hear non-native bird calls. Chances are, it's a Paratiel, as this species can easily copy the calls of other species, and even learn to mimic human words."
"During the many rainy days in the rainforest, Paratiels often soar through the clouds, collecting electrical charge from the air. It is thought that Paratiels use this electricity to roast tasty grubs before eating them."
"Legends of a rainbow-colored serpent abide in the native tribes of the rainforest. It is said that Tucaws served as the messengers of this powerful mythological figure, as evidenced by their radiant plumage."
"The neon glow of Tucaws' wings is sometimes used as a beacon during dusky nights in the jungle to help lost travelers find their way to civilization. Some are even trained to find lost travelers from the air and guide them back."

"This playful forest creature will avoid detection by digging itself into the ground and pretending to be a Plant-type Pokemon. Playing taiko drums will usually make them start to dance merrily."

"At one time, this Pokemon was thought to be distantly related to Sealeo. As it was rare and difficult to catch, research was hard to perform on this Pokemon until recently."
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