The Titans Picture

Before the Olympians, there were the Titans, children of the earth Gaea, who were so large that their heads rubbed against the sky and the mountains were their thrones. I decided to have a go at drawing the original twelve, most of whom later went on to spawn quite a large portion of the population of Greek mythology.


First row, from left to right:

Oceanus: embodiment of the seas and oceans, a walking coral reef seemed the most obvious form for him; I've always had a soft spot for Oceanus, since he was the only one of the male Titans who didn't take part in the castration and murder of their father Ouranus, and the only male elder Titan who remained neutral during the Titanomachy

Hyperion: the Titan of light, father of the sun and moon and the dawn

Coeus: the Titan of intellect, the star Polaris and the celestial axis around which all the stars and constellations revolved; one of the more abstract of the Titans

Kronus: probably the most famous of the Titans thanks to that whole swallow-them-up-so-they-can't-overthrow-me fiasco with his six children; the strange thing is, Kronus's reign over the world was a Golden Age, i.e. a time of plenty and prosperity, and after he was overthrown he was made the king of Elysium, the heaven that Greek heroes went to, yet he's still regarded as a villain - go figure

Krios: there's not a lot about this guy, but apparently he was associated with the constellation Aries, hence his appearance here as a rather ominous ram-headed individual

Iapetus: the Titan of mortality and possibly craftsmanship, father of Prometheus and his lesser-known brother Epimetheus; his name means 'the piercer', hence all those spikes he has instead of hair


Second row, from left to right:

Tethys: mother of the rivers, springs, streams, fountains and even the clouds, so we have a lot to thank her for; since her brother and husband Oceanus (yeah look, it's Greek mythology, that sort of thing happens a lot) was a coral reef, something under the sea, I figured Tethys should be something over the sea, and the whole seagull thing popped into my head

Theia: the Titaness of sight and the clear blue sky, consort of Hyperion

Phoebe: a Titaness described as bright, radiant and prophetic, and wife of Coeus

Rhea: mother of the Olympians, consort of Kronus; I read somewhere the pomegranate might have been associated with her, and thought the resulting image worked quite well

Mnemosyne: the Titaness of memory, and the mother of the nine Muses; another abstract Titan

Themis: the Titaness of divine law and order


Drawings done in pencil then ink, scanned and coloured in using Adobe Photoshop

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