Super Mario Bookmark Picture

Who didn't see that one coming. I tried so hard to resist doing a Mario one since it's so typical, but the Super Mario games are just so great and the characters are always so much fun to draw. This bookmark isn't for a particular Mario game, being that it includes characters from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World & Super Mario Land.
The characters are -
TOAD - The Princess' royal guard who doesn't seem to be good for anything but getting captured himself or begging Mario to save the day. Had a lot of fun drawing Toad the whacked-out way I did. Also paid homage to SMB2 in there.
MARIO - Need I even introduce him? If you play video games or not, you probably know who this husky plumber is. I like the good old days when Mario was a fat, jolly dude, as opposed to the skinny, pissed-off want-to-be-bad-ass Mario we usually see today.
LUIGI - Mario's younger brother and faithful sidekick. Also the dude I always play(ed) as my whole life. For a while Nintendo was trying to pretend this guy didn't exist but fans demanded more Luigi, and luckily, we got him back.
PRINCESS PEACH TOADSTOOL - Yeah, I know, she's blonde and I made her a ginger, but that's because over the course of the SMB games on the NES and on the cartoon show, Toadstool was a red-head. Sure, in artwork she became blonde quickly, but my earliest memories of her were all red-head Peaches. She didn't even get the name "Peach" until N64 (and in Yoshi's Safari for SNES, though she wore weird colors in that game if I remember correctly). I just figured everybody draws tons of typical, blonde, new-style Peaches everyday, so why not mix stuff up with a more unique design. I personally like the old pudgy-wrist, ginger Peach from the cartoon better. Don't get me wrong, the new Peach is a hottie, but the old one was less generic and had a special charm to her.
Before they used her Japanese name, Peach, in US, she really didn't have a first name. When I was really little, my older brother said her name was "Noname", so we kept that story up for a bit. Ha, The things you'll believe that an older brother tells you...
KING BOWSER KOOPA - King of the Koopa Troop, a giant Eastern-mythology-influenced-turtle-dragon, Bowser has become the most well-known video game villain of all time. He's just become a doof over the years with always being easy as hell and joining up with Mario too many times (plus playing sports and parties with Mario), but we still love him. I was originally considering doing the cartoon design or a totally new re-design, but this design came to me instead.
YOSHI - Love him or hate him, Yoshi burst onto the scene in Super Mario World and has been a major Mario character since. There was a year, when I was in seventh grade, where I drew Yoshi A LOT. I decided to make him look more like a real dino here, though I colored him to look more amphibious since he's smooth and shiny in the games rather than scaly.
WARIO - This guy had to go in because he's just so damn bad-ass and fun to draw. Though he's generally gone on to his own library of games these days, Wario debuted in Mario Land 2, and like Yoshi, became an iconic Nintendo character immediately. I tried to capture the insanity and putridness of the character. Here's hoping we get another Wario Land on the WiiU, because "Shake It" was a freaking masterpiece.
So now, only one more gaming bookmark remains!

Like most of these bookmarks, the size on here prevents you from really seeing the detail on ever body.

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