Sands of Time Picture

Name: Sandeon - the Tomb Pokemon
Height: 2.6 ft
Weight: 56 lb.
Notable attacks:
Sand Tomb
Rock Tomb
Glass Tomb
Glass Shard

Sandeon is a Pokemon sometimes mentioned in Egyptian mythology as a guardian of the deceased. In ancient Egypt, this Pokemon was called upon to guard the tombs of the Pharaohs.

Parts of Sandeon's fur, which is a type of special sand, turn to glass. This special glass is lightweight and easy to carry around. If light passes through specific areas of the class, light is magnified and melts more sand to turn it to glass.

Entry for the Eevee Fan Club.
I wanted to make a longer description but nothing else came to mind. I think that is going to hurt my entry. ><

Only a single filter was used on this picture and that was a static filter to create the texture in the sand in the foreground. Everything else is painted digitally. This took quite some time to do too. I have no idea how long though.

Sandeon (c) me, Martin J. Owen
Pokemon (c) The Pokemon Company
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