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Name: Angel Shimes, usually goes by the nickname 'Angie' (doesn't mind being called either)

Age: 28

Gender Identity: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Height: 6' 4"

Occupation: Mechanic

Blunt, somewhat selfish, passive, can get absorbed in her work

Angie doesn't care too much about social convention, and as a result is often incredibly blunt and says what's on her mind. While she can be incredibly focused on things that interest her, she can be very dismissive of things that aren't as engaging, including people. She often prefers to avoid confrontation rather than deal with it despite being well able to deal with such things whether they be fights or simple arguments. She greatly values people who can, for whatever bizarre reason, stick around and put up with her bullshit. She also babies her pokemon a lot, despite Usas not always being fond of such treatment.

While she will take on her patrol duty role when given the order, she doesn't like doing it. She often tries to find a way out of performing said duties, but always fails.

Despite her dislike of conflict she enjoys friendly trainer battles since her pokemon like them as well as it being good exercise for them.

-Sweet things
-Interesting people (in her opinion)
-Things that keep her busy
-Her babies (pokemon)
-Good movies (she prefers action and comedy)
-Her little cousin, Gale

-Her parents
-Her aunt and uncle somewhat
-Uninteresting people (in her opinion)
-Being idle
-Patrol duty

Angie's parents raised her to become a Guardian and a mechanic from a very early age, making her study for the field tirelessly and forcing her to take kickboxing classes, giving her no free time to socialize or anything of the sort. It wasn't specifically the field or faction that bothered her, but the fact that her parents sought to steer her life in a direction they saw fit, and had essentially denied her a childhood. Their differences in views often lead to them butting heads and they constantly argued. Around the age of 18 Angie had had enough and moved out to live on her own with her family's then Snorunt, Harihara, who chose to accompany her. She had left on such bad terms with her parents that getting along from that point on was impossible. Ironically, she soon found that even though she wanted to choose a different career path mostly out of spite, her overspecialized range of skills meant that her options were more or less limited to what her parents had mapped out for her from the beginning, and she begrudgingly accepted this.

Over the years Angie mellowed out and didn't even resent her job any more. Being on good terms with her parents was still out of the question, however, and any encounter ended sourly. She became very accustomed to her way of living and grew comfortable with the routine duties that were expected of her. She still takes kickboxing classes in her free time, though claims it's out of habit and not because of her parents.

-Angie's personality often drives people away over time and she currently only really has a small circle of acquaintances
-Not on good terms with most of her family, save her younger cousin

Additional notes:
Angie is fascinated by mythology from books that document such things from Earth more than 200 years ago. Her pokemon are all named after various mythological figures she read about in different books.

---- POKEMON ----

Name: Harihara
Gender: Female
Species: Glalie
Nature: Calm
Ability: Inner Focus
Attacks: Ice Beam, Return, Crunch, Shadow ball
Personality: Harihara is as passive as Angie is when it comes to dealing with others, but doesn't mind fighting for sport and will fight to defend herself or her companions. Harihara actually is fond of young ones, whether they're pokemon or kids, and doesn't mind entertaining them.

Name: Usas
Gender: Female
Species: Seviper
Nature: Rash
Ability: Infiltrator
Attacks: Flamethrower, Gastro Acid, Poison Tail, Wrap
Personality: Usas is Angie's most rebellious pokemon, occasionally giving Angie attitude for no discernible reason. Usas is very prideful, and can be easily manipulated by Angie because of this. Usas is also the most eager to fight and gets somewhat restless if she's gone a while without battling.

Name: Ravana
Gender: Male
Species: Shinx
Nature: Impish
Ability: Guts
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Eerie Impulse, Swagger, Snarl
Personality: Ravana is Angie's youngest Pokemon and is by far the most spoiled. Ravana is curious and mischievous, and often gets bailed out of whatever trouble he gets into by Harihara when Angie's not around.
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