Demigod Ally: Athena Picture

Since I've been working on the Greek Gods, I figured it was about time to update to Update Athena. Since she is an important ally to Demigod, being his love interest and all.

So meet the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, Strategy, Crafts and Arts, and Law and Justice, Athena!

Quick Bio: Born a virgin goddess, Athena is one of the most recognizable and honorable of the Olympians. Athena has been known for her interactions with mortals and heroes. During the Great War, Athena was initially against it, thinking it was unwise and against what the gods stood for. Nevertheless, she fought bravely and honorably alongside her fellow Olympians. When Pandora unleashed the evils on the world, it was Athena who led the charge to recapture all the evils back into the jar. Many years later, Athena and her fellow gods were present the day when Max Cairo solved the ancient quest and became the Demigod. At first, Athena did not think much of Max, think that the power of the gods should not be in the hands of mortals. However, after many quests with him and seeing how he treated her as an equal, she discovered that not only was he a good man worth of the title, but that she had become infatuated with him. Now Athena fights along side Demigod defending the world from threats old and new that threat the world and the Pantheons. As the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena is among the wisest of the gods. She is a determined warrior with a strong will and pure of heart. She know for her skills with her spear, and is almost never seen without her faithful owl, Glaukos. Athena has been known to blend in with mortals easier than most gods, and loves to spend her time in arts and crafts.

-Superhuman Strength, speed, flight, and Invulnerability.
-Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, Strategy, Crafts and Arts, Law and Justice.
-Train warrior in hand-to-hand and armed-combat.
-Wise beyond all nature, offers advice to those who need it.
-Never scene without her owl, Glaukos.
-Master craftswoman and artist.

So for her design, I went with a classic greek warrior look mixed with the many images seen of Athena. She's a bit of a tomboy in Greek Mythology. Also, I wanted to go a different way with her spear.

MAde using Hero Creator.
Athena is (c) of me!
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