Frozen Amaranth Picture

An edit from the 'Frozen Amaranth' photoshoot last July feat top-flight London Alt Art model ; Lady Amaranth [link] ...suspended in the ephemeral likeness of being & c. & c.

The themes behind the shoot (which were the result of a collaborative exchange of ideas between the Lady Amaranth & myself) involved various supernatural / mythological / faerietale elements : in particular the archetypal figures of Sleeping Beauty, 'The Enchantress' (a la Morgan Le Fey) & 'The Ice Queen', the mythic associations of the models netname 'Amaranth' with Immortality, and the influence of a lavish litereary embelishment of the legend about the Teutonic Vanir Goddess being frozen in a magical sleep in a secret hidden Icecave (that I had recently finished reading at the time of the shoot …by author Joanne Harris of ‘Chocolat’ fame)... all of which are more or less apparent in this image... I hope!

STOCK CREDS be added in due course
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