Excerpts from the Silver Book Picture

Since, struggling through hard and busy autumn, I haven't done anything new since September, let me present a retrospective piece this time. These are excerpts from my scrapbook called The Silver Book. It's a kind of an artistic notebook that consists of not only minimalistic improvisational collages and drawings but also (or mainly) of notes, reflections, fragments of my personal mythology, memories, thoughts, and impressions written down in the shape of figurative phrases. For me it's a chronicle of creative moments, a source of meaning associations and re-inspirations; finally, it's a compendium of knowledge - the anthology of personal experiences turned into image and words, which helps me to fill in the intuitive spaces in creation with meaning grounded on something empirical and personal. It's a nice process.

As this 500-pages volume is not an art project, The Silver Book is constantly undergoing a slow progress. What can you see now is only a small part of what I hope it will become in the future.

Now there's a full feature on my blog, IX 2012.
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