The Peryton Picture

The Peryton is, to the forest-dwelling deer that live near the Equestrian borders, a figure in their mythology that is something like their equivalent of Nightmare Moon in fearfulness. Where the Peryton came from varies from story to story, though he is often claimed to be the halfling child of a stag and a pegasus mare, accounting for the feathers. (This is likely due to the existing prejudice in deer culture against intermingling with the ponies of Equestria, something which outdates the story of the Peryton.) His fawnhood, too, is different in each telling, but the "facts" that can be agreed on among the deer are that he was a fairly normal fawn at the start, but his heart became corrupted by darkness when his parents and sister were stolen away by monsters. With no one to save them or help the poor lonely fawn, he was driven to become a monster himself and avenge them. The Peryton ran away from his village, making his home in the deepest part of the woods where few deer dared to tread, and will kidnap and devour anyone, deer or pony alike, who dares to trespass on what he has made his territory. Rumor has it, though, that when it's been too long without a foolish deer wandering too close to his home, he'll come into the towns disguised in a scarf and cloak, looking like any other stag, to pick his next meal...

But it's just an old doe's tale, of course.

This was a completely transparent excuse to make a dumb pony version of the Ravenstag and I am so not sorry.
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