Pharaoh Sesshoumaru Picture

Good grief this picture is a hilarious mishmash of random presumed facts about Egyptian mythology and history.

You're going to get some lore here, and remember, most of this is from Wiki and my memory and I didn't really care to check my research with other more reliable sources, so this might be a bunch of bull. Just so you know.

Narmer was the successor of the Scorpion kings (or Selk) and it is popular belief he united egypt (as the first pharaoh)
His wife was Neithhotep, meaning "Neith is satisfied", and presumably mother to Narmer's successor Hor-Aha. Narmers mother was Queen Shesh (I find this hilarious given the content of my picture : P)

So! Picture if you will, an ancient tomb! The walls are decorated with beautiful illustrations of the tombs owner and inhabitant. His history, legacy and life. And Lore! Sweet delicious wonderful invaluable lore!
On the wall nearest the Sarcophagus there is a giant wallpainting of Narmer and his wife, next to them is Horus and Set, to show their importance and great role of keeping balance and peace in their lands.

Sesshoumaru plays the role as Narmer, Pharaoh of egypt. I have given him the double crown, the Pschent, as symbol for his unification of Egypt and his rulership of all egypt. (This is pure imagination, as i'm not sure at all that the double crown did exist then or that Narmer actually ruled both upper and lower egypt. I have only found pictures of him with the Hedjet, the crown of upper egypt. The double crown is a union of Deshret (red crown of lower egypt) and Hedjet (white crown of upper egypt) so it is the most obvious symbol of the surpreme rulership that would fit someone with Sesshoumaru's ego. )
He is holding the Crook and Flail that Osiris holds (Osiris is special to the Pharaohs and is sometimes, very rarely, depicted as a lunar god)

Neithhotep, played by Kagome, is his wife and is holding the Wassecpter and the Ankh. Usually the pharaoh is pictured with scepters, they liked those, mostly it was the Wascepter and the Ankh, or the Crook and the Flail, and i just couldn't decide on what to give him. So I gave him one set and gave her the other.

The two figures on their sides, you should recognize. To the left, Horus! And to the right Set! Or Seth or however you would spell it.
Look them up, you really should know about them, otherwise you know nothing about anything.
In short it's good and evil, respectively.

I made Sesshoumaru and Kagome in a different style than the typical egyptian paintings. Wanted a mix between the egyptian and the anime/manga style they're usually seen in. But now I'm annoyed that the style differs so much in the picture, but you try and you fail. Right? To late to change now.
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