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Tis Jason Tarriq! Drawn for the meme that's in my journal. [link] If there are any of my characters you want me to sketch go check it out.

Anyway, ~ShadowedElf requested that I draw the main character of my story River Jordan, the high vampire Tarriq. Because I never do draw him and no one knows anything about him, but I love him soooo much. I sort of went overboard with the sketch because I never draw him and he's so awesome cool.

Where his name is from:

At first his name was Cyrus, then it became Cyris, then I found the name Tariq on a site of baby names. It's Arabic meaning "visitor by night" and figured it was the best name ever for a vampire. I later added another R to get Tarriq, because I like the way it rolls better. I added the first name Jason at my brothers suggestion, a) because of Tarriq's history and b) because we both loved the name for personal reasons. Everyone in the story still calls him Tarriq though.

Random facts about his creation:
a) I have never had a character that has gone through so many name changes as Tarriq
b) His Sixth Hour Uniform, (that sleeveless tunic, high boots and cloak outfit) he wears occasionally used to be his default outfit, know his default outfit is a trench coat and jeans and he only wears the uniform of special occasion.
c) He used to have a tail. No kidding. It was white and fuzzy.
d) He was first used as a fan character for FF IX so I could RP with a friend cause she loved that game and I was still developing this idea for a character I had. The funny thing is - I have never played FF IX!! So I ditched the FF IX thing after not to long - thus no more tail.
e) His character REALLY started blossoming when me and some friends got bored in class and started writing this joint story where everyone wrote a paragraph then passed it on. He still sucked then, cause I was sharing. But it started me thinking about him.

Colour: Black, sometimes Navy
Book: The Argonautica... or any Greek mythology book will do
Song: Tears and Rain - James Blunt
Band: Disturbed, go figure
Movie: Uhh...


I guess I'll present him as his is when the story starts. He's a disillusioned vampire of exceptional ability, trying to dismantle the inner workings of an international Organized Crime guild called Shawl from the inside. An amulet got stolen from the guilds leader and he found out that it's a gem that belonged to his 'Maker' that he has a long standing grudge with. So he offered to go get it back for the Shawl so off he went to hunt down the female thief that snagged it - really he just wants to snag it for himself XD

Tarriq belongs to me!
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