Archetype pg. 57 Picture

hmm yeah, ive just been really messy with my drawings lately and i lost my ruler (those little crappy ones that come with your school agendas)

the brighter parts of Sam's hair is done wrong but I'm fifteen fourteen, i don't really care. (naw, actually i just didnt bother to look at my references)

I'm probably going to trim my paper next time so that it *looks* like its 8 by 11.

AND ALSO. I think i should note that my slightly AU version of the ghost zone and amity park won't include anything that has some reference to Season 3. I'm sorry, but i thought a lot of it was impractical. It's a realm for ghosts, things that actually died and stuff, but in season 3 you just get this portrayal that they are spirits too. I just don't feel, because of certain reasons, that mythological figures have their place there (with exceptions of figures where it would make sense that they died, like the pharaoh dude or something), but that's just my opinion. I have reasons as to why season 3 feels invalid, but i dont really have the will to look things up and type up a real reason.

anyways, shits actually going to get real, for real next few pages, but its too bad i will be away for the entire week!

ok bye

irrelevant stuff:

I just finished reading Kite Runner and it was insanely good. I was in tears of actual joy, omg. Wow, i was just stunned, so everyone should read it because it is an amazing book and i have no intelligent words for it. I also read a book about introverts and got a lot from it. Mostly comfort for my antisocial summer of sitting around in the house all day. Yay.
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