Naruto Erratic Flying Device Picture

or: Naruto and the Device of Erratic Flight. lol nonsense title. yet another flying vehicle. of sorts. been submitting a lotta mythology and culture-related deviations these past few days and i figured you guys might want to see something else. not a big fan of, well, fanart in general since i have horrible copying skills, but i thought i might as well give it a try: yes, emo naruto fanart. the fox demon thing's in the glass ball of sorts. i wanted something different so i din't use that overall grainy effect thing. please tell me there's a noticeable change in style, i mean, as compared to the previous works...
hopefully i got the characters right, though from the little of the chinese i know, i have this nagging suspicion that the third character's not supposed to be there. guess what it means. though, well, i hope i got it right myself. haha

(naruto fans, don't hate me.
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