AH - American Coat of Arms Picture

In 1786, Alexander Hamilton supported crowning Prince Friedrich Heinrich Ludwig Hohenzollern of Prussia, King of America, but the offer was revoked before he could reply. Hamilton had advice from President Nathaniel Gorham of the Continental Congress, and from Prussian General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, on this matter.

Prince Henry was the 13th child of King Frederick I of Prussia, and was a younger sibling to King Frederick II, later known as "Frederick the Great". Frederick, naturally, cast a long shadow over his brother.

Henry successfully led Prussian armies as a general during the Seven Years' War (1756–1763), in which he never lost a battle. He saved Frederick's butt several times, and later tried to become King of Poland, then King of Wallachia (Ol' Fritz put a stop to that silliness.)

If there were anyone able to be King of the United States, it'd be King Henry I Hohenzollern, and we'd have a Prussian Commander-in-Chief in command of America's armed forces. ZE AWEZUMNEZZ U GUYZ

The shield consists of the escutcheon of the United States of America, defaced with the shield of House Hohenzollern of Prussia; the Imperial Eagle (Reichsadler) of the Holy Roman Empire. The supporters are wild men—figures from Germanic and Celtic mythology representing the 'Lord of the Beasts'.
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