Anime Club Mascots clothes Picture

November 30, 2006.

Staedtler Mars professional technical pen, JASC paint Shop Pro 7.

Here's the clothed versions of my mascot submission. I drew on the clothes on the computer because I got too lazy to draw on real paper and bother with scanning and editing. I think it worked out. :>

The acronym for the girl and boy sets spells out "ANIME" XD... It would have been kind of clever... for an anime club..

Aren't they cute?! XD It's like there's someone for everyone to like! Information on each character follows:

Aryll: [based on Laura Vixennea] Female Fox. Hero type. Idealistic. Enjoys manga, currently into ones with female heroes.

Nica: [based on Spritz Zenn] Female Rabbit. Nurturing type. Kind. Enjoys cooking, currently fascinated with Western=Eastern fusion cuisine.

Irene: [based on Reen M. Redbird] Female Bird. Ditzy type. Cute. Enjoys music, currently into J-pop and J-rock—thinking about becoming an idol.

Megan: [based on Waterlily Willow] Female Frog. Mystical Type. Nerdy. Enjoys history and culture, currently studying lots of Eastern mythology and religion.

Elly: [Based on Felicia "Felix" Kat and Katt Munroe] Female Cat. Crazy type. Impulsive. Loves acting, currently really into cosplay and wants to be a voice-actor.

Aidyn: [based on Fox McCloud and Aaron Oakly] Male Raccoon. Leader type. Charismatic. Really into videogames, especially RPGs and fighters.

Neil: [based on Peppy Hare and Harrison Benaford] Male Bull. Wise type. Down-to-earth. Enjoys philosophy and looking into different cultures and their take on life. Likes board games.

Ike: [based on Falco Lombardi and Destin Asgarte] Male Bat. Hothead type. Sarcastic. Into the cool and edgy fashion as seen in Japan. Love collecting action figures.

Matthew: [based on Slippy Toad and Orlandu Arsod] Male Turtle. Geek Type. Loves technology and gadgets… and probably shoujo anime (or.. fanboy anime). XD Loves assembling models.

Eric: [based on Bill Grey and William Hypers] Male Dog. Party Type. Frenetic. Generally loves spending time with friends and doing what they’re doing.

Collect them all~!

EDIT: I won the contest!
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