Loki Picture

Repost of a previous tumblr post:

We fear so greatly what we don’t understand, Thus cold logic dictates we come to hate those whom veil understanding from us. Why then do men call him to their aid if they despise him so? To turn the tides of war or to bring comfort and hope to bear against despair and helplessness, these blessings too a Liar offers freely.

Over the ages such a quantity of anger and scorn has been thrown at the feet of the trickster god that his truer nature is so often buried beneath it. Many have brought their will to bear against him and In victory have bound him away in the deepest shadows of the world, and many times again will he be cast down, banished or slain. But no chain can hold fast what we ourselves choose to release. All too soon we find ourselves taking his weapons in hand once more. To deny their presence is only to deceive yourself, and then oh how he laughs .

In the end he is what he is. A force just as natural and soothing as the rain, as old and enduring as the sun. The only dagger in hand sharp enough to strike the fatally through the Armour of an empire, a shroud the mother fox pulls over her young to spare them from the teeth of a hunters hounds, the hand of a faceless challenger joyously beckoning us all to question, and face boldly that which is yet unknown.

If you ever find yourself to be walking along side him then remember well that while he can never be trusted, if you are brave enough to look him in the eye and wise enough to see beyond what you expect to see, you may find yourself laughing too.


Absently wondering what the Trickster figure loki from pukas experience might look like. Personal interpretation of one of folklore’s most ambiguous figures.

On another note, Loki might just take the award for most well known but least well defined mythological being. I’m sure the irony of that is lost on no one.

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