Team Saber VS Team Rider Fate/chess Picture

My (cropped) contribution for the unofficial artbook Fate/Historia!
Check it out: [link]

The Fate series by TYPE-MOON has several storylines and each one centers around the Holy Grail War, in which so-called Heroic Spirits are summoned by select individuals to fight for said Holy Grail. These Heroic Spirits are none other than famous figures from lore and history, such as King Arthur, King Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, Lu Bu, Cu Chulainn to name a few.
This fan artbook will focus on the recent anime Fate/Zero (novel based) with heavy emphasis on the historical and mythological backgrounds of the featured characters, so I'd say it's both a book for Fate/Zero fans and those interested in learning a bit about historical legends. And not to forget the most important thing, there's lots of lovely art by the other contributors.
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