::Commision:: Koma Inu Picture

another commision done, the Koma Inu.

if some you ppl doesnt know what is Koma inu, it was the Shinshi (Stone lion) on Shinto Shrine, but I made the another version of Koma Inu for this commision XD

data from wikipedia:
Shishi (Chinese: 石獅子 or 石狮子; pinyin: shíshīzi; “stone lion”), also called Lion of Fo / Foo / Fu, Lion of Buddha or Chinese guardian lions, is, in Chinese art, a stylized figure of a snarling lion. Its original significance was as a guardian presence in a Buddhist temple. Shishi are often created in pairs, with the male playing with a ball and the female with a cub. They occur in many types of Chinese pottery and in Western imitations.
Shishi were imported into Japanese mythology; the boddhisatva Monju-bosatsu is commonly depicted riding one. Japanese legend portrays shishi as playful in temperament but protective in nature, and they are invoked as protectors of children. Though they are said to be protective of their cubs, a folktale claims that shishi throw each cub over a cliff to test its strength.
Outside many Shinto shrines can be found the Koma-inu, (こま犬) which despite the "inu" (犬) (dog) in its name looks much like a Chinese lion.
Koma-inu are guardians against evil, showing many influences from both Chinese and Korean ancestry. Author Hiromi Iwai writes in the book "Nihon no Kamigami to Hotoke" ("The Gods and Buddha in Japan") that Koma-inu's lionlike design can be traced to China, while "Koma" may have been derived from "Korai," an ancient Korean dynasty.
In each pairing, one dog's mouth is sculpted in an open manner and the other's jaws are closed. The "A" that appears to be spoken from one Shishi's mouth, and the "M" voiced through the other's tightly closed mouth are said by Iwai to represent the ancient Indian belief that the universe began with the first sound and will conclude with the other.
In Hinduism, this is written fully as "A-U-M," with the three letters representing many different metaphysical concepts. One is the triple powers of earth, heaven and the current realm. Another is the trinity of Hindu gods Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the god of maintenance) and Shiva (the Destroyer). Aum is "the jewel in the lotus", the holy state of being and destruction all at once.
Commonly known in the West as "Om," the term was adopted as a mantra by Buddhists, who in turn transmitted it to Japan via China during the Asuka Period (593-710). After that, it appeared at many Shinto shrines, reminding visitors to holy sites of our humble place within the greater scheme of things.

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