Friendship is Magic Picture

So here is the full picture! I hope you like it!!

Now, for pointless commentary on each one, plus the number of layers for each character!

Pinkie Pie: Well, what is there to explain. She's just a crazy ball of fun, and I figured it would be a very Pinkie thing to wear mismatching socks. Other than that, her clothes are pretty normal. (34 layers)

Rarity: She seems to me like one of those classic beauties, who wears just enough make-up, all of her shoes have are pumps or stilettos, and a majority of her wardrobe is made up of dresses. So, I drew her in a pretty spinoff of 30's style dresses. (26 layers)

Twilight Sparkle: Now, how do I explain Twilight's outfit. Well, to start, Twilight is kind of a nerd, and most people draw human versions of her with glasses. That just didn't seem to fit. Others draw her as a goth. That also didn't seem to work. I see Twilight as one of those cute kind of nerds, where her clothes would have a very indie/hipster kind of feel to them. (49 layers)

Spike: Awww, cute little Spike! His character reminds me a lot of my 11 year old little brother Gavin. Very playboy-ish, kinda hitting on the older girls. Since Spike is supposed to be a baby Dragon, I assume if he were a human he would prolly be about 10 or 11, he'd wear beanies with the dragon "spikes" on them, and all of his shirts have stripes on them. (36 layers)

Fluttershy: Her character is very simple, quiet and prim. She reminds me a lot of a naiad from Greek mythology, so if she were human, she would always be barefoot. Her clothes would also be very simple, lots of sundresses with little to no patterns, and maybe anklets. (19 layers)

Apple Jack: Wow, AJ. I currently live in Texas, so if she was a human, she would prolly have a slight sunburn, wear simple boots with the jeans tucked in, and a very simple flannel shirt. I just think her character is an absolute sweetie, but is easily annoyed by Rainbow Dash, as you can probably tell. (31 layers)

Rainbow Dash: Oh god, this girly was so much fun to color! And out of all the ponies, she has the most layers. And like I said in the WIP, she seems to me like one of those girls you'd see at a hardcore rock concert, wearing lots of bright colors, distressed skinny jeans, crazy hair and lots of peircings. I actually have a friends who is a lot like Rainbow Dash's, so she was the inspiration behind Rainbow Dash's crazy outfit. (66 layers)

And there you have it, the ponies and Spike, personified!!!! Wow, one of my quickest coloring too! Done in just a little over a week! Thanks in advance for the fav's, and please share this with friends!

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