Loki Picture

Acrylic on canvas

A true trickster! I was attempting to channel a fourth Essence, when I noticed something had gone terribly wrong. The figure I was painting looked nothing like a female! (A prerequisite to be considered for the title of Essence) No beautiful curves. No stunning features; and that mug?! Yeesh

He resembles a faerie of a man wearing a tutu, awkwardly dancing with the face of a shapeshifter.

Some symbols:
-one of his main faces is that of a mare, (female horse, but still not an Essence) one of his favorite forms to morph into.

-the fire seedling at the bottom left represents him giving birth to Hel.

-the golden shackle around his lower leg is symbolizing the many times he has been captured and or banished, but is broken to suggest the many times he has also escaped.

For more information on Loki, check out Norse mythology at your closest information givering place/ interneting
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