tess Picture

name: Theresa
nickname: Tess
species: Locke
gender: Female
age: ??(i dunno old i guess)
height: 1st 6"
2nd 1'5"
3rd 5'2"
4th 12'

personality: Nice enough, easily annoyed but takes a lot of annoyance for it to actually show. Fairly easy going. Likes to run and tease others at times. Gets along with most people the only problem she has with her mother is the name she gave her, call her Theresa and expect a face full of antlers.

history: Mother gave Tess the form of a killdeer and set her on the road to alchemy. She is a fairly accomplished alchemist not the best but defiantly not the worst. Loves mythology, which is why her other forms all have some connection to various myths and tales.

Her final form is her interpretation and ideas as to what a Kirin should be and just what she wanted.

Lockes to *Neikoish Tess to me~bolthound

her forms all have a simalar theme can you figure it out?

edit: cause this is kinda fun if someone can figure out what the simalar theme/idea is you get a free sinple shade character request.
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