Shapes Part 1: Aten Title Page Picture

'Aten', part 1 of 'Shapes', is a comic based on figures and concepts from Egyptian mythology. Synopsis:

In the reign of Pharaoh Ra IX, Aten, first city of the Southern Gods, is in crisis. But crisis is not a word that children know well; neither is Caste.
   Born to noble parents, twins Bastet and Anubis do not feel hunger or cold, but suffer nonetheless. Magical from birth, Bastet invites admiration from many, and ridicule from others. An unlikely friendship ignites between the twins and the peasant child, Maskini, an alliance which must strengthen in secret; for those in power, mixing between Castes is not a thing to be tolerated. But the children do not understand the threat of principalities. For them, life is merely a game: one which they will learn is far more dangerous than any of them could have imagined.

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