Halloween Contest: Sedna Picture

Hi y'all!
This is for the Azalea's Dolls Halloween Contest.

A famous mermaid story is that of the goddess Sedna, in of Inuit mythology. Although versions of the story vary, they all end the same way. (Warning: this is gross) Her father takes her out in a kayak, and somehow her fingers (and sometimes whole hands) are chopped/bitten/frozen off. These dismembered fingers then become seals, whales and other sea creatures for the Inuit to hunt, and Sedna becomes the goddess of the sea, and sometimes the Underworld. Sedna was extremely feared. One of the Inuit names for her literally mean "Big Bad Woman". However, Sedna was said to show extreme kindness to those who would brush her hair for her, considering she couldn't do it herself after her incident with the kayak, so it’s filled with all kind of stuff...

I figured she was sufficentally creepy and cool enough for Halloween. C;
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