The Boatman Picture

This is an idea I got many moons ago but have been sitting on due to having hit a wall as to how best to proceed with it composition wise. It was also a problem of finding the right stock to work with. The latter problem was solved when I found one of ~Cobweb-stock's Stormcrow photos to use as the basis for the boatman and some additional stock from sxc for the boat, bridge and bones. Basically this piece is my personal version of Charon the ferryman from Greek mythology... he who ferries the dead from one side of the great river to the other... except it would seem my ferryman's passengers are dead in a much more literal sense.

EDIT: I decided the original sky I had on the first version of this that I uploaded was way too bright and overpowering, so I swapped it out for a different, more subdued one that doesn't fight the figure for prominence so much. I also made some other minor corrections to accomodate the swapout. That's what's different about this in case you're wondering. The new sky is from sxc.
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