d: Tiamat Makeover :b Picture

Alright! Here's my most recent submission for the 'Kick your own @ass' contest! This is also in the third category for Traditional Medium.

This was a figure I created years ago based on the Sumarian mythological figure Tiamat who is the equivalent of Gaia from Greek mythology. Except she's not really a dragon in this case, she just calls herself the 'Dragon Queen'.

Now a critique between the two. The first and most obvious is that I have an actual throne room! XD I used a lot more reference to develop her world and her throne, which is inspired by the Persian Sun Throne. I have also discarded my Manga influence in the face and line weight (not because I don't love but because I want to push myself). I also created flat colors this time with markers instead of just using color pencil to add more depth and cohesiveness. I also redesigned her garment to reflect the new knowledge I have learned from fashion and costumes. White ink was also used to create highlights and help smooth out the texture of the veil around the throne.

So the mediums are as follows: Marker, Color Pencil and White Ink.

The original Tiamat image is in my Scraps section if you want a closer look. The new image is available in my gallery.

And please do use, distribute, borrow or reproduce without my distinct permission. Thanks!!
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