Lady of January Picture

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The Lady of January bears the Carnation and Snowdrops and dons the stone of Garnet. The pink Carnation conveys undying love while the Snowdrop represents hope in sorrow. The Garnet will bring her serenity, passion, and balance.

The next Lady has arrived! The mythology of January's flowers and stones is particularly fascinating. The Snowdrop was known to Elizabethans as flowers of death, considering their propensity to burst forth from beneath the snow in churchyards.

In Korea, the carnations were used for divination. A young girl would place three carnations in her hair. If the top flower died first, the girl would know that the last years of her life will be difficult. If the middle flower died first, her youth will be difficult. If the bottom flower should die first, the girl knows that her whole life will be miserable.

The Garnet comes from the word Granatum, or grain, because of the uncut stone's resemblance to pomegranate seeds. I had to resist making January more of a Persephone looking figure once I learned pomegranates were involved!
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