Sketchdump time! Picture

Since I've been gone for a while, I figured I'd throw together a little sketchdump of some of my more recent things. Some completed pieces, some doodles, some fanart, and of course sketches! You could also roll back through my tumblr ([link]) if you want more, because that's where all my art was posted during the hiatus.

LET'S...let's go through this. Left to right, top to bottom, we have:

1. My boy Xavier, during a mild redesign.
2. Stress doodle.
3. Pen drawing of Christopher the manticore, who was and still is going through the creation process.
4. More Chris!
5. OC faces, gotta learn to draw 'em
6. The Nuckelavee, a TOTALLY KICKIN' RAD mythological creature that I wrote about here: [link]
7. Abe being dumb and dramatic.
8. A legit angel from the bible
9. 'Nother angel.
10. Tracker, another older character who's getting worked on.
11. The Skinwalker (also being redesigned please punch my face).
12. A penanggalan! They're some sweet-ass monsters.
13. Rarity being fab.
14. The PPGS being doofy kids!
15. A whole big row of animals in garish colors, what more do I need to say.

LOTS O' MONSTERS, LOTS O' CHARACTERS. Can't stop won't stop
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