Eponia Lilin Picture

Lilin is the singular name for incubi(male) and succubi(female found in the realm of Eponia. They are demonic creatures said to be the offspring of a vampony and changeling. Like their forbearers, Lilin have an unnatural appetite, though unlike their parents they devour the very souls of their victims by enchanting them to fall in love with them, leaving a withered mummified corpse.
They are also very rarely encountered, so much so there is no clear range of where one might find one. It is likely due to the fact that like changelings, Lilin are shapeshifters, and like vamponies, only come out at night when everyone else is asleep. Though it is a wonder why anyone would wish to actively seek out such monsters.

Yeah, rather than call them succubus pony/incubus pony, I figured leaving their original mythological names worked just as well. It worked for the changelings, right?
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