Valkyrie 9 Picture

"Colonel --GET IN HERE!!"

"Yes Sir?"

"Did you see this??!!"

"Yes Sir."

"What the Fuck??"


"Who authorized this magazine cover??!"

"You did Sir."


"You said the new contractor had complete artistic license to remake the magazine. You know, the subscriptions were falling. You must remember Sir."

"I didn't mean they could turn it into this!"

"Who is this contractor?"

"Waz Up Publishing Sir. Um.... they also do GQ."

"How did they get this contract?"

"The GSA awarded it Sir."

"My God."

"Yes Sir."

"How many?"


"How many have been distributed?"

"About six hundred thousand Sir. To every base all over the world."


"Is she one of ours?"


"The cover girl... is she one of ours?"

"Yes Sir. Captain Domenitzo, of the 555th Fighter Wing. She's an F-15 pilot Sir. We ordered her to cooperate with the shoot."


"Yes Sir."


A continuation of the situation in my last two Valkyrie renders:
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