Mania Picture

This is my entry for the "obscure contest" [link] hosted by DeadLulu [link]

I chose to paint a rather obscure and little known Goddess named Mania....

Mania may refer to two different mythological figures. In Greek mythology, Mania was the personification of insanity. In Roman and Etruscan mythology, Mania (or Manea) was the goddess of the dead. She, along with Mantus, ruled the underworld. She was said to be the mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night, as well as the Lares and the Manes. Both the Greek and Latin Mania derive from PIE *men-, "to think". Cognates include Ancient Greek menos ("life, vigor") and Avestan mainyu, "spirit".

Special thanks to intergalacticstock [link] for lovely stock images to reference!

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© 2010 Jessica Grundy
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