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Annabelle Character Bio

Full name: Annabelle Murphy

Species: Cat

Age: 18

Birthday: September 3

City or town of birth: cork

Currently lives: Killarney Ireland, St Clara’s school for girls

Height: 5’3

Weight: 113

Figure/build: petite

Hair color: pink

Eye color: yellow

Skin/fur/etc color: pink

Personality: Quiet, shy

Likes: reading, horror movies

Dislikes: licorice, spiders

Favorite color: yellow

Hobbies: reading

Talents/skills: speaks Latin, Gaelic and a little French

Favorite food(s): fish n chips
Favorite drink(s): tea

Annabelle is a very quiet girl and the most modest of Vicki’s roommates at St. Clara's. Not the most outgoing girl in the group she can usually be found in her room or out in the orchard reading under one of the apple tree. Because she's such an avid reader she's also the brightest of the girls, majoring in Irish history and mythology.

I think my brother Fox went a little over board when drawing the tree in the backround, its going to take forever to ink. I realy like how her face turned out, much better then the last picture of her I drew.

Annabelle Murphy (c) k9wolf
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