Ki'rin Monk Picture

I had this gal half finished for the longest time and completely forgot about her. So I decided to finish her up.

I love ki'rins. They're easily my second favorite mythological beasts. The first being gryphons... duh. >_>

I also love martial arts though I don't practice them myself (other then Tai Chi... but I don't think that counts). I've had a long standing fascination with monks like the Shaolin who do practice martial arts.

So naturally I'd eventually try putting the two together.

This cutie may be small, but she could definitely hold her own in a fight. However, she is a peaceful monk who only uses her martial arts as self defense and as an aid for spiritual betterment.

She was meant to be a one-time character for this picture but since I put as much love into designing one-shot characters as I do my own personal characters I figured it'd be a shame to let a lovely gal like this go to waste. Therefore I'm auctioning off the character design so she can possibly go to someone who will appreciate her. If you like her design, she can be yours.

Link to the auction on FurAffinity is here - [link]

Tools Used: Mechanical Pencil, Paper, Scanner, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai
Time Taken: Unrecorded
Soundtrack: "Tiger in the Moonlight" - FoxAmoore

Image © 2012 Traci Vermeesch-Vezina
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