Celestial Trio - Gaius Picture

Gaius: Herald of the Sun

I've always been fascinated by astronomical mythology and things like the Greek/Roman pantheons and other personifications of celestial bodies. I don't remember how, but I got it into my head back in November some time to do my own version with my Crossworld characters. And then the brain went "Hey, why not make a series?" Of course, I forgot to take into account my ADD attention span, so two of the three pictures sat around for over a month waiting for me to finish the third piece. And then, in the length of about one afternoon, I finally got it done! Yeah, I tend to be silly like that.

Gaius here is posing as the embodiment of the sun. I've always pictured it as a masculine figure, probably influenced by legends and whatnot, and drew heavily on the idea of Apollo while designing Gaius' outfit. He was the best fit of my characters, being a day creature himself, and the black wings and golden skin lent themselves well to a nice contrast. The colors for the sun were primarily golden, of course, but I also wanted to add a deep red to give it a kind of military-like feel, like an ancient Roman soldier. Thus the spear too, which also makes me think of the rays of the sun. And the patterns on his orb are supposed to be related to the flow of the surface of the sun and how it travels in circles, creating solar flares and sun spots.

And abs. You just gotta have abs. :3~~

Details: [link]

(Gaius © Me, and is part of the Crossworld series)
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