Valkyrie 5 Picture

Throughout the fall the most important thing happening on a Saturday afternoon around the US is College Football. Valkyrie, Captain Domenitzo, USAF, is not immune to the allure of the gridiron and a brisk fall day reminds her of tailgates, beer and bratwurst, the old alma mater, and cheering crowds. Life was good and despite the regimentation of the Academy, there was still time for girls to have fun! GO FALCONS!


In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is one of a host of female warrior figures who decides who falls and dies in battle. The Valkyries bring the fallen to the afterlife hall of the slain warriors, Vallhalla, ruled over by Odin.

Daz3d ->Reality->Lux Render using a V4 model. You'll notice a big difference in the quality of the model from the earlier renders. That is primarily from changing the skin texture and interior lighting.

This is the fifth of what is now a series featuring my fictional character, Captain Donna, "Valkyrie," Domenitzo, USAF. Many years ago I had a brief association with a flying career and then my eye sight went bad and that ended that before it really even started. This little series is a fantasy of what might have been (more than slightly exaggerated
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