Fafnir Picture

"I was sent to destroy this world...
...to destroy everything I love.
My name is Fafnir. I am the dragon of doomsday."

This is probably the last artwork I will upload for quite a while.

This is Fafnir. Originally, he is a figure (dragon) from the northern mythology, but I wanted to put him into a different setting. I was playing with the idea that he was created by the Gods of the night to bring Ragnarok, the apocalypse, to the world. But he is not quite happy with this, because he actually loves life and learned to love this world as well. Due to this, he begins to rebel against the Gods and fights alongside the humans.
The picture shows his human form.

EDIT: Since I've been asked several times... No, the red thing behind him is not supposed to be blood, but simplified wings. Maybe red was not the best choice, my mistake.

Fafnir is a figure of the northern mythology.
Character artwork and plot twist made by Me.
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