The Next Hagia Picture

This is a rough illustration, the complete one will include a background generated in Adobe Illustrator. Vector art is always labour intensive but worth it in the end.

This is a 'what if' scenario based on Norse mythology. I wonder whether Hel would have inherited her mother's title of Hagia or 'wise woman' of the Ironwood. She was taken from Angrboda before she had the chance to find her place within the Ironwood or Jarnvidr. She would have probably ruled the living as well as she does the dead. I see the troll women or giantesses of the Ironwood running a thriving matriarchal society. Here I am depicting Angrboda passing on her title to her daughter. The crown features the Ear rune which is associated with Hel.

I read on a website (which I will hopefully link you to soon) that Angrboda's element is ice while Loki's is fire. Hel's element is earth. This is reflected in the women's colouring. Angrboda's hair is grey not because of old age but because I wanted to give her an ethereal look. She is an amazing mother figure in Norse mythology but she is often overshadowed by her famous lover or shown to be an evil witch.

I wanted to try giving Hel something other than black to wear and I am quite happy with the warm neutral shades I found. I still want to add ceremonial face paint on both mother and daughter, the red dye in Hel's hair could be blood (as part of some sort of initiation ceremony).

Anyone who knows me will have figured out that I draw inspiration from Saoirse Ronan's appearance for young Hel. I picture Angrboda looking something like Etain from Centurion.

Here is the finished product:
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