R is for Radande who... Picture

So this is my submission for feraligatr66 's ABC Monster Contest. I Chose the letter R, and so I picked Randande. Below I have listed the website where the competition is (One letter per deviant, so it is closed to positions, but you can still see all the entries) and below that I have the reference I used to create this monster.


Radande (Swedish plural radandar) (trädande?) are tree spirits in Swedish faerie mythology, similar to the dryads andhamadryads of Greek and Roman mythology. Like the hamadryads, they are bound to the tree they were born to for as long as it is alive. Also known as tree folk, it is said that they can take on a humanoid shape and venture a short way from their trees. In extreme cases they can even uproot the entire tree and use the roots as a shuffling locomotive. In their humanoid form they are often described as resembling their tree in clothing and facial features. Radandar are likely to grow at the centre of a fairy ring, to inhabit a lone tree on a hillside or the oldest tree in a grove, to grow beside a welling spring or to be one of two intertwined trees. They die if cut down but some believe that they linger on as spirits to haunt those who caused their demise. Trees have been believed to have magical properties or living spirits in nearly all cultures due to the ancient magic and mystery surrounding their life-span, strength and medicinal properties.

I took some artistic license with my monster. For instance in the rhyme I made it says she controls bees, This was my idea. The whole image was how I imagined her, and i only used the description about as a reference. So this is it. You can also see that her womb is home to a bee hive. I was originally planing to put a baby deer there, but I thought that it would be too confusing. Than I thought about just using a seed, but I couldn't figure out how to make that work. Than I decided to use the bees. I came up with this idea for her, which is my own spin off.

The bees took home in her body, around her womb. After their hive was made, her body began to merge, and her cells began to weave into the layers of the hive. As she became a part of it, the material that made up the hive became more flexible. She allows the bees to stay there but in exchange, they are now her slaves. Her servants carefully work for her each day and spread pollen to her tree. They protect her from woodsmen who might try to chop her down, and during spring they bring the pollen of male Radande to her. Pollenating the flowers in her antlers, she becomes pregnant. For a year the baby grows within her womb, and is protected by the bees. After a year of pregnancy, She gives birth. The baby falls to the ground and is still. She holds the baby for the first time, and than a bird lands. It does not wait, but simply takes the baby. The Radande is bound to the tree forever, and cannot stop the bird. She can not hold onto the child, and has to watch as her young disappears into the horizon. The baby is put into a hole in the tree. Being a spirit in part, the bark opens up and allows the child to fall into its core. The baby, now a part of the tree is given the breath of life from the tree that has taken it into itself. It is only now that the child awakens. The mother, waits, and her bees pollinate, and the cycle begins again.

I drew this with pencil, and went over it with ink. It was so big I had to Scan it as two separate pieces, and use Gimp to merge it together again. I also used Gimp to add the words.

Here is this piece in color. It was done using Gimp

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