The Many Faces of Scorpius Malfoy Picture

Creative title, I know. =__=

I made this because I had so many versions of Scorpius that I thought it's time to just choose one. I chose the parted hairstyle instead of a slick back one like Draco because.... well because I like this one better and shows a more subdued and not egocentric personality.

He's in Ravenclaw because of the following reasons that I made into a Sorting Hat scenario…. And also his name is from a star constellation which, according to greek mythology, was put in the sky by Zeus as a reminder "for mortal to curb their excessive pride" so I figured he is not a prideful person like his father, but still cunning, a smart-ass, and snarky.

Scorpius Malfoy c J.K Rowling, Harry Potter series.

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