Bringing in the Morning Picture

I swear it thundered all night. Dang storm wouldn't give it up," Hank complained to Leah at breakfast. "Back and forth it rolled, had poor Aldís screaming along with it, I don't know which was louder, her sigin' or the storm."

Only when Hank step foot off his front porch the ground was as dry as any morning. Weird. He decided he'd better check on Aldís. Since Hank figured she got as much sleep as he did, he thought he might find her in the far reaches of the property where it was nice and quiet and seclusive, he figured on her being curled up dead asleep. On the contrary, she was pacing back and forth worked up and pissed off keeping as far away from a glowing pink stripped stallion that was the tallest horse Hank had ever seen. The stud was doing everything under the sun to get close to Aldís, prancing, rearing, bucking, and just generally causing a scene. Aldís would have none of it. She couldn't understand what this ball of energy was that was disturbing her peace.

"Guess this explains the thunder," Hank said to himself as he called Aldís over to him to calm her. She came willingly while the young stud looked on in confusion. Then in a last ditch effort to impress, he bowed down in the most elegant bow Hank had ever seen. "Hell, that's some horse."

Name: sVa Árvakr (Norse mythology, Árvakr (Old Norse "early awake") was one of the horses which pull the sun, or Sol's chariot, across the sky each day.)
Age 99 years
Gender: Stallion
Color: Diamond Pink Pure White with Black Face
Soul: Pink (youthful-energy)
Markings:Fully marked body, white stripes on his face and ears-black head.

Personality This fellow has unbound-less energy and knows no enemy. He seems to love being the center of attention and still does whatever he can do in his power to impress Aldís while she will have none of his nonsense. He thinks he is invincible, as well, and trys his strength whole heartily at any challenge that's presented to him.

Hototo Breed-*Jullelin
Design: *Binary-star-stables
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