Elysian Fields Picture

GOSH, THIS IS HUGE. Took me so long so finish it! X_x

But it was fun, no regrets! I think I learned a lot during this Portal 2 tribute, adaptating myself with paint brushes and old tools, human figure, shading...it was a great experience that I will not forget! ^_^

I'm a very big fan of the Portal series and I thought a tribute would express my respect for it and all people involved in this project. Some players declared that Chell, in the end of the second game, died. Since the game made various references to Greek Mythology, it made even more sense when it was mentioned that heaven, for greeks, is a wheat field followed by an orchestra.
I really liked this idea, I truly did! It's so tragic and heroic, sweet even! Imagine that, Chell is in heaven now!
After doing some research, the closest thing to a wheat field heaven I found were the "Elysian Fields", a place where humans considered worthy and heroic were meant to spend their eternity doing whatever they did best in life!

I wanted to include the Companion Cube and Rattmann as well, they deserve a good rest with Chell. And yes, Oracle Turret...rest now, sweetheart. <3

Oh, and did you find Wheatley and Space Core?
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