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More work inspired by my trip to Sitka Alaska, and the ever gracious and friendly local Band of Tlingit that hosted us.

Contrary to popular belief, the term "Lowest man on the Totem Pole" is a wrong one. The lowest being is usually the MOST important of them all, and not the least. European colonists assumed that it was the lowest one, as their heirarchies begin from the top to bottom. This isn't the case with totem poles: The bottom most figure is the one that bears the weight of the entire pole (family), and thus the most important figure. Without this individual, all the pole would fall apart. From the carver's perspective, the bottom most figure would be the one most approached and at eye level- demanding the most scrutiny in detail and work.

Shown here, Bear, Frog, Beaver, and Thunderbird.

Bear holding a Copper- to represent our guide for the trip, coming from the Bear Clan. While we were in Sitka, we had the [pleasure of dealing with a small political situation involving a black bear cub. The copper represents the wealth of the Clan.

Frog- representing the local Tlingit Clan, the Kiksaadi who are the Frog Clan.

Beaver- to honor all the craftsmen involved in our trip- form inspiring this craftsmen to obtaining crafts from the local Aboriginal Artisans.

Thunderbird- a prominent figure in North American Aboriginal mythologies, this one is a special reminder to me that on our journey, we saw no rain until the last day.
When coming to Sitka, they warned us of lots of rain- similar to Vancouver. I promised my mom that we would have NO rain... becuase Sitka would know that we were coming. On the plain ride there I wore my Thunderbird shirt, and deliberately asked that he keep his rain until we left. I even left the shirt out for the duration of the trip. Well, we saw not rain on our trip- and on the last day when we flew back home, did it rain.

This image was painted in iridescent Acrylic Gold Paint.

Size: 9" X 36"
Medium: Iridescent Acrylic Gold Paint
Original for sale: $250
Bookmarks available: $4
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