Loki Picture

Never was interested in the Scandinavian mythology. It is a shame to admit, but I at all did not know, that Loki is the Scandinavian god of fire -))) However, the myths were useful for creation of an image a little. That is, they at all were not useful -) Well unless for creation of orange mood -))) On idea Loki gets in one of cities of the human world. By the way on a background real photo mine native Ozersk! So it has turned out, that of a demon has brought on Ural -) And, wandering on dark streets of unfamiliar city to him in a head there comes the next mad idea... And here flow of ideas has run low -))))) that I have conceived Loki i has not thought up, -)))

And thanks to everyone who adds this figure to your favorites! I am very grateful to you and I will always be glad to see you again in my gallery. Sorry if someone did not respond personally, but after such a long absence, my make it more difficult. I just do not remember who I was responsible and who is not -)) So, thank here -))

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