American Gods Picture

Medium: Ink and colored pen on paper
I recently read Neil Gaiman's "American Gods," and I enjoyed it a lot! For those of you who don't know the book, it has the ancient gods of all mythologies existing in modern America, having been brought over by their immigrating worshippers. But modern America already has resident gods, which represent modern conveniences and stuff. So the story leads to a big war between the two factions. I got inspired to draw some of the new American gods mentioned in the book. They are, left to right...

Drug Goddess: One character was mentioned, identified as a drug, and described only as sparkling. I depicted her here as female, for a little gender balance. Railroad God: One character was described as being dressed like a 19th-century railroad baron. I took this one to be the god of the railroads. In the book, they didn't say he had smoke coming out of the top of his hat, but I couldn't resist adding that little detail!
Scalpel Face: There was a character mentioned as having tumorous skin, and scalpel blades coming out of his face and fingers. I'm guessing his domain in disease. Technology Boy: Mostly called "the fat kid." He rides around in a limousine with a couple of thugs. I envisioned him as being short and pimple-faced, with a "Matrix"-style wardrobe. Media: She has the look of a news reporter. I had Joan Lunden or Katie Couric in mind when I drew her. Notice the television set at her feet. I considered making the TV a god unto itself, but I figured it was simply Media's tool. Automobile Gods: Some interesting characters described were the automobile gods. They were described as having chrome teeth and wearing black gloves that must have been tires. I added headlight eyes, and car logos on the forehead. There's a Chevrolet and a Mercedes. At first, I didn't want to include the symbol of a German car for a portrait of American gods. But then, I'm sure a lot of American motorists worship German automotive engineering!

Concepts by Neil Gaiman
Designs by me
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