Swan Harpy Picture

I drew this a while ago and figured I'd line, color and post it somewhere since I'm bored.
I like to think about my oc's as certain mythological creatures, if the aren't already those, and thought it'd be fun to draw col as a harpy. I think she'd be a little more aggressive this way, harpy crossed with swan, probably makes for a territorial and kinda defensive gal.
This would make a nice au i think..it would be more of a personal one tho, i made her a tad sexier than what is probably appropriate for adventure time (what with the skin showing and how the feathers are place) just cause i love drawing col's hourglass figure, it's a fave of mine out of my gals ;v;

my drawing motivation is kind of all over the place tonight, that's boredom for ya and when skype is dead quiet on a saturday OTL

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