Portrait of Zsofiel Picture

Okay, I'm rather proud of this one. I'm planning on doing a whole series of pages from a 'sketchbook', with charcoal drawings on aged paper. Lots of mythological figures and such.
The original is about 14" x 17". I mucked up the paper with a half-dozen watercolor washes and some salt, and tore off the edges. Then I sketched some guide lines in brown pastel. The drawing was done in charcoal and heightened a bit with white pastel.

The model is the fabulous and inspiring *lockstock.


Tweaked this a bit in the GIMP to clean up the color skew from the scanner, and to post a slightly larger full view to show off more detail. 'Cuz I'm vain like that.


The original has sold. Prints will be available through the Dragon*Con Art on Demand store soon.
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